When your life is hanging in the balance, emergency medicine is the critical care you need.

Many of our nation’s hospital emergency departments are staffed by TeamHealth-affiliated physicians. TeamHealth’s clinicians are highly skilled physicians who save lives 24 hours a day. Despite our physicians’ essential work, UnitedHealthcare has terminated its longstanding contracts with TeamHealth’s emergency medicine clinicians in more than 500 emergency departments across the country.

You pay your monthly UnitedHealthcare health insurance premium.

Emergency physicians provide life-saving care.

UnitedHealthcare needs to do their part and ensure you keep in-network access to emergency care.

Beginning October 15, 2019, UnitedHealthcare began terminating contracts with TeamHealth’s affiliated emergency medicine physicians in 18 states, causing those physicians to be considered out-of-network with UnitedHealthcare.

ALL UnitedHealthcare patients still have access to ALL emergency services in ALL of our nation’s emergency rooms. Additionally, TeamHealth’s affiliated physicians WILL NOT balance bill UnitedHealthcare patients who come to one of the emergency departments we staff. Patients will only be responsible for their co-payment, coinsurance and deductible.

We care about patients and believe all patients should have access to essential emergency services. Our issue with UnitedHealthcare is over fair reimbursement for emergency services. TeamHealth’s physicians will not put the families we serve in the middle of this dispute.

You have a legal right to choose where you go for emergency care. Feel empowered to use the same Emergency Department you use today despite United’s removal of TeamHealth’s 8,000 emergency medicine physicians from its network and be assured that TeamHealth will not penalize you for your choice.