We are committed to ensuring our valued patients have access to emergency services and information to make informed decisions.

What is happening between TeamHealth and UnitedHealthcare?

TeamHealth and our affiliated physicians partner with hospital systems across the country to provide physician and clinician services in their emergency departments. TeamHealth is working to reach a new, national agreement with UnitedHealthcare.

Beginning October 15, 2019, patients who have UnitedHealthcare insurance and see a TeamHealth-affiliated physician may be considered out-of-network by United. TeamHealth-affiliated physicians will continue providing life-saving care to all patients in need and WILL NOT balance bill patients for the care we provide at these emergency departments.

How did TeamHealth and UnitedHealthcare get into this situation?

On July 9, 2019, United notified us that it was terminating TeamHealth’s in-network status unless our practice agreed to at least a 30% reduction in reimbursement.

If TeamHealth-affiliated physicians are excluded from UnitedHealthcare’s networks, can I visit an ER staffed by TeamHealth physicians?

Yes. TeamHealth’s issue is with United for unfair reimbursement, not with the patients and families we serve. We believe all patients should have access to essential emergency services. As a result, you can still choose to be seen by our highly trained clinicians and we will not balance bill patients to recover United’s underpayment.

What happens if no agreement is reached?

TeamHealth believes no one should avoid life-saving care by qualified clinicians simply because they’re out-of-network. TeamHealth-affiliated physicians will continue to see and treat patients insured through United. You can still choose to be seen by our highly qualified clinicians and we will not balance bill you to recover any underpayment from United as a result of our out-of-network status.

Is this just about money?

Yes. Patients are paying United significant premiums with the expectation that United will ensure access to vital services. United is compromising patient access to qualified clinicians in an attempt to lower reimbursement for our lifesaving service by greater than 30%.

I have UnitedHealthcare as my health insurance. What will happen if I see a TeamHealth physician in an emergency department?

You have a legal right to choose where you go for emergency care. Feel empowered to use the same emergency department that you use today despite United’s termination of the TeamHealth physicians’ contract and be assured that TeamHealth will not penalize you for your choice.