No patient should be surprised by their UnitedHealthcare health insurance coverage.

Our nation’s families and individuals pay UnitedHealthcare significant premiums for their health insurance with the expectation that United will work with qualified clinicians to provide ongoing access to emergency services. Unfortunately, UnitedHealthcare is jeopardizing patient access to in-network emergency care by refusing to be a good partner to local emergency medicine physicians.

  • TeamHealth physicians are not asking for an increase in reimbursement. United is demanding a 30% or greater pay cut.
  • TeamHealth is asking UnitedHealthcare to be reimbursed at the same rate as our competitors.
  • Fair reimbursement will ensure patients keep in-network access to emergency services.
  • Fair reimbursement allows physicians to continue caring for patients when they need it most.

Our goal is to give United’s members continued in-network access to life-saving emergency services in our community today and in the future.

TeamHealth is asking UnitedHealthcare to:

Protect patients’ access to emergency services.

Work with TeamHealth clinicians to protect patients.

You have a legal right to choose where you go for emergency care. Feel empowered to use the same Emergency Department you use today despite United’s removal of TeamHealth’s 8,000 emergency medicine physicians from its network and be assured that TeamHealth will not penalize you for your choice.